Click on this link to see what conditions Acupuncture can treat-  Acupuncture Evidence Project  

Recently a study was published in Australia by two very well known and highly respected acupuncturists, Dr John McDonald and Stephen Janz. The study, entitled The Acupuncture Evidence Project, summarises the current available scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of acupuncture for 117 conditions as well as its cost-effectiveness.

This study stands on the firm foundations of a large volume of scientific evidence and it now provides the general public, as well as the greater healthcare community, with more clarity about the benefits of acupuncture. Following the collation and analysis of a vast number of scientific studies, The Acupuncture Evidence Project now concludes, “It is no longer possible to say that the effectiveness of acupuncture is because of the placebo effect, or that it is useful only for musculoskeletal pain”. For the summary click here

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