Essence of acupuncture treatment

"Really, the essence of life is when you wake up your energy into its natural state – you see, feel and sense  it – the whole universe is vibration and energetic - independent of where your perception is, it liberates itself as it is.  Acupuncture, which works with the subtle energy pathways, can cascade you into this state of instant presence, an internal and external awakening full of compassion, spaciousness and clarity, leading you into your own evidence-base and the path and fruit of wisdom, away from concepts and ideas.  

By conducting life with principles that lead our body to naturally become upright, observing energy, sensation and frequencies in the framework of the body as it happens without reaction from our 5 sense doors and 6 subtle elements or the perception of mind, our faculty of awareness wakes up and the ability to penetrate into our timeless clear light wisdom unfolds, giving us unity, peace and liberation from our suffering  and pain.”

- Dr Mark McAuliffe


Jonathan Yang

Jonathan Yang is an exceptional Acupuncturist and he has a clear mission – he just wants you to be well. This is achieved by harmonising and integrating the whole body, emotions, mind and spirit, into a state of instant presence.

With 21 years of experience in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Wholistic Living, Jonathan has learnt acupuncture is the most simplest approach well-being.

The Yin and Yang of life presents with opposites such as day/night, summer/winter and love/fear. The ancient Chinese acupuncturist administered acupuncture as a way to stimulate homeostasis aka balance in the body.

Acupuncture is a fast growing industry and we are now able to scientifically understand that by relaxing the nervous system, enhancing the immune function, leading to a stronger wellbeing: physically, mentally and spiritually.

Jonathan incorporates the following skills into his healing sessions:Jonathan incorporates the following skills into his healing sessions:

  • Acupuncture
  • Breath work (Breathe and Release)
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Dynamic Neurological Stabilisation (DNS)
  • Mental Health Acupuncture
  • Mindfulness-based meditation
  • Kiiko Matsumoto for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome MCAS, Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome POTS, Ehlers Danos-Syndrome EDS. Long Covid.
  • Bachlor of Health Science (2007)
  • Masters of Commerce (2021)
  • Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture (since 2012)
  • Neoclassical Style Acupuncture (2021)
  • Dr Tan and Master Tung (2011)
  • Transformational and Esoteric Acupuncture for Mental Health (2015)
  • Dynamic Neurostructural Stabilization since (2016) Course A, C, Exercise 1 and 3

Treatments at our clinic may incorporate a range of different modalities including Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Heat Therapy, Cupping Therapy as well as Lifestyle and Dietary advice, creating a wholistic treatment approach to help you get the best outcome in the shortest time. Understanding what’s really going on means first finding out what concerns you so that we can find the solutions.

We utilize palpation, tongue and pulse diagnosis, observe and listen to your body by looking at your whole health framework – spirit, mind, emotions and body. And so, we ask some pertinent questions and listen and observe your body carefully. For most of your session time, you get to relax on the treatment table, listening to the birds and soft music while the acupuncture does its work.
By the end of your first treatment we have created a health plan especially for you. A manageable plan that suits both of us so we can work together to get you well again and feeling fabulous.

Please make yourself at home whenever you visit, believing wholeheartedly that it is “your place to rest, relax + heal”

For your convenience, we have a 3 treatment room clinic.

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We wish the very best retirement for

Mark & Bethrene McAuliffe
Eoin Meades & Chrissy Schmidt

We are extremely grateful for Mark & Bethrene McAuliffe, Eoin Meades and Crissy for all the love and devotion they dedicated over the past 40 years. 

Its a privilege to be able to continue on the magical service Acupuncture and Chinese medicine offers.


Jonathan Yang